A Sound Solution: Playing Music on HTML Presentations

A question posted frequently on the PowerPoint newsgroup is: Why won’t the music continue when my presentation is saved as HTML? The situation usually is that someone has spent the time to create a wonderful slide show with music set to start on the first slide and run throught the entire presentation. Unfortunately, when the […]

Boom – Blowing things up PART 2

Notice that when I inserted the picture it was bigger than the slide. Normally, we would want to optimize the picture so that it fit nicely and wasn’t over-scanned. In this case, though, we want the extra detail. That extra detail is going to let us blow up the picture without inserting it a second […]

Blowing Things Up!

When you think of the term “blowing up” two things come to mind: Blowing up, as in exploding Blowing up, as in making bigger Both of these techniques can be done to a picture in PPT. What’s more, both have uses in many different types of presentations. This two-part article will show you how to […]